Paintings, Canvas Works & Mixed Media

I use various materials in my paintings. I frequently combine spray paints, acrylic paints, markers, house paints, collage, stencils, watercolors, pencils, ink & more. I refer to the process of my work as Mixed Media, a style of art created by using multiple materials or mediums in one piece, usually layered over one another many times to evoke texture, patterns and blending. I typically paint on stretched canvas, sometimes on wood panels, concrete walls, canvas drop cloths, skateboards, furniture, guitars, ramps, records, street signs & more. Painting is my purest artistic passion.

Recent Mixed Media Works - 2019

Acrylics & Mixed Media 2017-2018

Acrylic & Spray Paint 2015-2016


Mixed Media & Stencils - 2014

Crystal Realism Series - 2014

Blacklight Mixed Media - 2013 & 2012

Mixed Media & Stencils - 2012

Canvas Murals (9' x 6') - 2012 & 2013

Blacklight Stencil Art on Vinyl Records - 2013


Early Work - Mixed Media & Stencil Art - 2011